Friday, April 30, 2010

I Like Bike

This is my new BFF (Best Friend For a few months, at least). Features include an eye-catching '90s color scheme, howevermany gears, a bell, a basket (!!!) and, above all, a need for speed. I feel unfettered; my aimless walks have evolved pokemon-style to aimless rides, meaning I can cover at least 3 times as much ground with only 2 times the danger of being hit by a bus! Seriously though, I'm so pumped about finally getting some wheels.

The past week has consisted mainly of continuing my settling-in process. Classes are going well, weather's been great, been eating lots of pastries. Going to Berlin next week! That's all the news that's fit to print right now.


  1. What's the news that's not fit to print? (One mom comment allowed per post!)
    Like the picture of aimless walks evolving pokemon-style to aimless rides......
    Have fun! Watch out for those buses.

  2. so i figured i'd just comment once on one post to express my general feelings about all this:

    i was watching ESPN from like 50 feet away at indigo joes last night, and they were talking about torres and loewe and FIFA stuff and i was just freaking out about it. and then it made me sad that you get to watch all the games on a jumbotron in the big D while i may get to watch it with a 2 year old and 2 dogs? i'll take what i can get, i suppose.

    you should definitely post like a million times a day because this is providing me with hours (kinda) of entertainment! i hope you have fun with your new bike, especially that basket. which is all you need, of course :]